“MOVIE” Souvenir Playing Cards — 9 Comments

  1. Oh my goodness, Jim, I hadn't spotted this post until now! This is an absolute favorite issue of mine–a funny thing is, yes I made the video, but the site you linked to is mine and I suspect I'm also the dealer you mentioned selling individual cards. This baby is a pet of mine 🙂

    There's a mid-range condition deck on eBay right now for $49, which is probably about right. No, they're not one of a kind, but they are somewhat rare–you never see, for instance, 10 decks being offered at once, in fact usually there's only 1 or 2 at any one time to be spotted on eBay and that's where you'll find the best buy on a complete deck.

    Thanks for the post, the mentions and the linking, loved the whole thing!


  2. I have a complete set of Movie Souvenir Playing Card53 most Prominent stars in filmdom
    1916 byM.J. Moriantt
    Movie Souvenir Card Co.
    Cincinnati, U.S.A.
    in a grey cardboard sliding box.

  3. One of (I thought) Warner's best talkie roles was as the "Red Herring"/ murderer (oops!) in Hal Roachs' "Topper Returns".

    For years, my mother and I had an "in joke" we'd share at dinner: "Go ahead, I eat very little" (from "Lost Horizon").

    You're certainly right Jim, about what a decade of "soddeness" will do: I'm trying my best to catch-up as rapidly as possible!

    Best to you always, R.J.

  4. You know, Jean, that "H.B. Warner in a fright wig" rings a big loud bell, but I can't place it. I have a vague impression of some 1970s playwright, someone noted for biting dialogue — someone like Paul Zindel in Man in the Moon Marigolds or And Miss Reardon Drinks a Little. But nothing comes clear. Any other suggestions out there?

  5. I saw "Chang" immediately, more for the mouth than the eyes, and even knew the name at once, thanks to you – and all the times I've watched IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE and nearly needed to avert my eyes at the raw emotion of Gower's realization of what George has done for him. But here's a question for you, Jim. (And I know I'm going to hate myself for not knowing the answer). "H.B. Warner in a fright wig." Who said it and where?