The Fog of Lost London, Part 4 — 3 Comments

  1. Thanks, Eve and Dorian! I have to admit, London turned out to be a livelier read than the first few pages led me to expect, and compiling that chapter-by-chapter synopsis was really fun. I wonder how many other such novelizations of lost movies might be out there; if there were enough of them (which I tend to doubt), there might be a fun and valuable book in it.

    And Dorian, Vinnie never answered my question: Did he really try to make french fries with olive oil as a kid?

  2. Jim, thanks so much for sharing all four installments of LONDON AFTER MIDNIGHT! Even considering the era and the need to reconstruct the film as well as possible under the circumstances, this was really a corker of a yarn, and a very fun read indeed! Thanks for the fun Halloween gift!

    P.S.: Thanks for joining the chat over at Team Bartilucci's other blog IS THAT REALLY DESIRABLE?, too! We enjoyed your anecdotes!

  3. Very enjoyable reading, Jim, and quite an engaging yarn – regardless of any discrepancies between Rask's elaborate storyline and that of the film itself, as reflected by reviews of the time.

    Happy Halloween…