Movie Playing Cards: 5 of Spades – George Walsh — 4 Comments

  1. Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Art. FYI, all four of your attempts were successful, but the last three came through before I had a chance to approve the first.

  2. Re: Anonymous, her name was Winifred Craven or Cravens? I miss those days G.W. with you guys on Valley, if I knew how to contact you I would.


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  3. Welcome, Anon, and thanks for the correction! Unfortunately, at this late date I can't seem to pinpoint where I got the idea that George had married only once, but I appreciate your setting the record straight.

  4. I must correct you on your statement in this article that George Walsh only married once. That is not true. I was married to his oldest Son, Thomas Walter Walsh and also knew his youngest son, George Walsh. I married Tom in 1982. I met his Dad one time. He was in a nursing home and suffering from dementia. Soon after, his Father passed away. We attended the funeral but not many showed up. We also attended his Uncle's funeral, Raoul Walsh. He passed before George did. We went to the funeral and Gregory Peck attended and was one of the pall bearers. So George Walsh, Sr. was married for many years to my ex-husband's mother. I never met her and cannot remember her name I am sorry to say. Tom and I divorced in 1990 and I have not seen him since.