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11 years ago

The more I learn about wardrobe and costuming, the more fascinated I become. Really enjoyed your post with so many gorgeous accompanying photos. One thing I’m learning is that even the wardrobes for major black and white films were often breathtakingly colorful and opulent. I thought you might be interested in a link to a blog (by a collector of fine taste) I follow…you may already know of him, but in case not: http://vintagefilmpropsandcostumes.blogspot.com/

11 years ago

Jim, thanks a million for sharing those wonderful pictures of the various pieces of Debbie Reynolds' collection in Part 2 of "The Museum That Never Was." Wouldn't it be great if at least some of Debbie's memorabilia was lent to museums around the country, if not the world? I blame this damn economy for the fate of Debbie's treasures!

On a more upbeat note, will you be contributing to the '50s Monster Mash Blogathon, already in progress until August 2nd? I'm sure I speak for all your readers when I say that with your encyclopedic knowledge of and love for classic movies, you'd surely whip up a terrific post!

11 years ago

Thanks, Jim, for a fascinating look at what Debbie auctioned. Your notes are very interesting, and bear out the color pictures you included.

Let's hope the new owners are inclined to lend some (most) of the items to various museums around the country so they can be enjoyed by others.