Films of Henry Hathaway: The Shepherd of the Hills — 3 Comments

  1. Gotta agree with everyone else, really good review. I saw this movie on TCM and was smitten with the young Bettie Field. She was marvelous. She made a movie that could have slid into hokum but instead gave a loving insight into the lives of superstitious but decent hill folk

  2. A great review, Jim. I remember seeing this film on TV shortly after seeing 'Winter's Bone' at the cinema, and I was struck by how similar the portrayal of poverty and broken families in the Ozarks is in both these films made all those years apart, although in 'Shepherd of the Hills' bootlegging is the way of making money rather than drugs as in 'Winter's Bone'. Must agree that Betty Field, John Wayne and Harry Carey are all excellent in this.