A Treasure Trove of MGM Shorts, Part 1 — 7 Comments

  1. Steve, the sultry vamp costume and ostrich fan I've pictured here went with "Heart-Breakin' Creole Rose". "There Will Never Be a Sweeter Story Ever Told" was the first segment, with Miss White in that 1890s bustled outfit (not shown). That segment also interpolated "Comin' Thro' the Rye" and Dvorak's "Humoresque", both with humorous new lyrics.

    The refrain to "Heart-Breakin' Creole Rose" goes as follows:

    Heart-breakin' Creole Rose,
    The dear old Southland knows
    No sweeter flower grows
    In Dixieland.
    When the stars begin to shine,
    That's when I start to pine
    For eyes that shine so bright,
    Black as night.
    How I yearn
    To return.
    What makes Louisiana dear to my heart?
    It's just because I know that you're
    Down among the fields of
    Sugar cane;
    I'm comin' home again.
    Heart-breakin' Creole Rose,
    I'm on my way!

    If you're interested, of course, you can get the lyrics to all three songs off the DVD collection itself, which is still available here from the Warner Archive. Between Frances White and the other entertainers featured here, it's well worth the price.