The Stamm — 11 Comments

  1. Jim, email me at if you can, I run a movie website and we do live radio shows. I think a show about the stamm and other antioch theaters would be a blast! Let me know if you're interested. BTW, I still cannot get into the Stamm!

  2. I was an usherette at both the El Campaniel and the "New" Stamm Theater. Am surprized that the "Stamm"m no longer remains. Jiggs Del Coletti was the manager at both theaters when I worked there.

  3. And by the way, Dave: If you do manage to track down any pictures, especially of the interior, that you're able to share, I'll be happy to post them here!

  4. Yes, Dave, it's true: gutted to the bare concrete walls; I saw it with my own teary eyes in 1999 or so. Worse yet, the Stamm family refused permission to photograph the interior beforehand. Their dog-in-the-manger attitude baffles me. But then, my father had dealings with George Stamm in the 1950s, and his memories of the man were not fond.

  5. I work about 2 minutes away from the Stamm and also was a regular when i was a kid, even saw Empire Strikes Back here! Great memories. When it was converted to a "church" I was heartbroken, and the mystique of this place still looms heavy in my imagination. If it is true that they gutted the inside (which I don't doubt), its a damn shame. I recently went down to the church and asked to look inside, stating that I just wanted to take a look for old times sake, and they refused me entry. Will post again if I can dig up more info…AND hopefully pictures.