Minority Opinion: The Magnificent Ambersons, Part 5 — 4 Comments

  1. Jim, I think Kim is onto something: with all the amazing work you've done on this astounding MAGNIFICENT AMBERSONS blog series, you really should consider turning this into a book, if you're not already exhausted from the sheer scope of this series! 🙂

    It blows my mind how crazily complicated it must have been to work with the peripatetic Orson Welles and the people in his orbit trying to keep up with him! No wonder the RKO brass were going nuts!

    One of the things that bewilders me as a lover of both movies and books is: why the hell did Welles want to essentially turn a Booth Tarkington novel into a Chekhov play? Call me a Philistine, but why not keep …AMBERSONS true to its source material? I mean, if I want to read Tarkington, I'll read Tarkington, and if I want to read a Chekhov play, I'll read a Chekhov play! If it ain't broke, why "fix" it? Was it just sheer arrogance on Welles' part, or what?

    Forgive my ramblings, Jim, but consider this a compliment to you for giving me so much food for thought. I can hardly wait to see how all this winds up! Great job, my friend, as always!

  2. Jim,
    So much has been written about Orson's perfection, need to edit, cut, reshoot his films and you've certainly given us some amazing examples here.

    I've been waiting patiently for your Part 5 and I have to say it was worth the wait.

    I can imagine that the scenes, footage cut from Welle's films triple what was left for movie goers to enjoy.

    Thanks for including a couple of still shots from those scenes.

    I plan to go back and watch TMA once your series is complete. I'll certainly see it in a different light and most definitely appreciate it more knowing what you've provided with us here.

    Truly enjoyable Jim and I do hope you'll choose another one of Orson's films to do this type of series, pick it apart and analyze it if you will.
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Just want you to know this is a fantastic series, Jim. I just saw the film for the first time last month and so it's very fresh in my mind as I read all your comments. Thank you for this great slice of movie history!

    Best wishes,

  4. Orson Welles must have been on drugs! How delusional can one man be? Oh, and I see you're still not done. Are you writing a book?