CMBA Blogathon: Kitty (1945) — 22 Comments

  1. Eve, I'm sure you're right about Sturges; I suspect the same is true of Wilder. I've never read any of Wilder's scripts, but I have read Sturges's for Remember the Night, and there were minor changes between that and the finished picture that were no doubt Leisen's work on the set. They in no way altered or diminished the text, but may have been just enough to ruffle the feathers of a control freak. Writers are a touchy bunch.

  2. Jim, I thoroughly enjoyed learning what seems to be everything I ever wanted to know about "Kitty." So entertaining and informative! I had no idea, for I haven't seen the film. Well, I will find it now. You certainly covered a lot of ground here and none of it less than fascinating. Thank you for a great read and for alerting me to a film I've somehow managed to overlook. I did want to add somewhat on Preston Sturges' behalf that he seemed to be the type who liked being in charge of every aspect of everything. I suspect he could barely tolerate anyone else 'tampering' with his work. Leisen did a marvelous job on "Remember the Night," one of my favorites.