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9 years ago

Great post!
I really enjoyed this film and I'm glad you selected it to write about.

9 years ago

Wow! What background material! You tell it well. I'd never heard of it before this, but I'm looking forward to watching KITTY.


9 years ago

Jim, I thoroughly enjoyed learning what seems to be everything I ever wanted to know about "Kitty." So entertaining and informative! I had no idea, for I haven't seen the film. Well, I will find it now. You certainly covered a lot of ground here and none of it less than fascinating. Thank you for a great read and for alerting me to a film I've somehow managed to overlook. I did want to add somewhat on Preston Sturges' behalf that he seemed to be the type who liked being in charge of every aspect of everything. I suspect he could barely tolerate anyone else 'tampering' with his work. Leisen did a marvelous job on "Remember the Night," one of my favorites.