CMBA Blogathon: Kitty (1945) — 22 Comments

  1. CW: Thanks for more good news re Down to the Sea; by golly, we'll make it that one-of-the-best-loved-movies-of-all-time goal yet! And guess what else? My English friend tells me it'll be released on Region 2 DVD in the UK on March 11 — my birthday!

  2. Jim, one of the things I'm especially enjoying about this Fabulous Forties Blogathon is that it's showcasing two of my favorite actresses: ACROSS THE PACIFIC and your wonderfull review of KITTY starring another of my favorites, Paulette Goddard, who I've loved since THE WOMEN, THE CAT AND THE CANARY, and THE GHOST BREAKERS! You've provided a treasure trove of inside info; I'm especially pleased with your comparisons between the book and the film. Jim, you've done a great job, as always!

  3. Jim,
    You've certainly outdone yourself here with your very informative article on Kitty and how it came to be on the silver screen.

    I'm a big fan of Goddard and I did think her accent was fine. (Thanks for giving us the little tidbits on how she worked on her diction for Kitty etc)

    Your reviews are always so fresh and interesting with a new perspective. I love reading the behind the scenes info.

    I wouldn't rate Kitty as my favorite or even in the top 3 of Paulette or Milland's work but it is enjoyable for all of the reasons you've mentioned. (Ray made an excellent Sir Hugh Marcy) When I think of Paulette, I think of the gorgeous, naive girl with Charlie, alongside Charlie in Modern Times. (Not a bad image to have of the wonderful Ms. Goddard. ha ha)

    Oh, the photo that you included of Paulette. I've not seen that one. It's stunning!

    Thanks also for letting us know where to purchase the film for our collections.

    All the best!