Bright Eyes, 1928-2014 — 3 Comments

  1. Jim, it's great to see you back with JIM LANE'S CINEDROME, with your superb salute to Shirley Temple! Shirley was lucky enough to have a sensible mother to guide her. I also can't help admiring her ups and downs, including beating cancer and becoming an ambassador, among other things. I look forward to your upcoming blogposts on Shirley's life and times!

  2. Wonderful tribute to a remarkable girl/woman. Like you pointed out, she did not slide into substance abuse or cling desperately to her youth.

    She survived childhood fame, a bad marriage, cancer, and many other things. I admire her no end.

  3. Girl and woman, Shirley Temple wore her gifts and her trials with equal grace. I look forward to your look at some of her entertaining films.