40th Anniversary Tour: Jesus Christ Superstar — 6 Comments

  1. I don't remember Vera but Baayork Lee was the sweetest person, I'm sure still is. Baayork helped me stay on with the production by coaching and directing me towards the right people. In the final month of filming, the big scenes with extras were completed, she knew (her husband was one of the assistant directors I believe) they needed a few "lepers". She sent me to the hotel bar where I "auditioned" as a leper across the crowded bar to her husband. "OK, you're a leper! Go to wardrome." Securing my participation for the last month of the filming.

  2. Welcome, Wally — and many, many thanks for sharing on your blog those memories of working on Jesus Christ Superstar back in 1973! What a great behind-the-scenes look at one of my all-time favorites. (So tell me, did you get a crush on Vera Biloshisky too?)

    In case any other readers come across these comments after you've added to your blog, they can access your JCS post directly HERE.

    Thanks again for dropping by; hope you'll return often!

  3. Thank you both, Kevin and Dorian; your visits and comments are always welcome here. Dorian, I do hope that sometime between your high school religion class and now you got a chance to see the whole picture!

  4. Jim, your review of JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR was fascinating and lovingly drawn! In fact, I remember our high school religion class getting a reel of the film in The Bronx, and we were wowed (I'm sure the rock music didn't hurt :-)). Thanks for sharing this with us!

  5. Great post, Jim. I have friends who are big fans of the movie version and I passed your site on to them. They loved your post and thought you captured the success of the film very well.

    As for me, it's been decades since I've seen it. Time for another look see. I did see a revival at the Chicago Theater with Ted Neely and it was a terrific production.