Crazy and Crazier, Part 3 — 4 Comments

  1. Laura, I envy your having had the chance to meet Chuck Walters; everything I've ever read or heard reinforces what you say: a heck of a nice man.

    Dorian, thanks for taking the time to double back and read my Girl Crazy posts, and to leave your kind comments. There were actually four parts, not three; did you skip over my post on the 1932 Girl Crazy? If so, I don't blame you; the picture itself is eminently skippable.

  2. Lovely post!

    Chuck Walters, whom you mention, was a heck of a nice man…met him a couple times when he taught a class at USC I attended w/my parents when I was a teen.

    Best wishes,

  3. Jim, I must agree with Caftan Woman; your description of "But Not for Me" made me weepy just looking at that poignant photo of teary-eyed Judy Garland, so I probably would have been bawling like a baby if I'd actually watched the film! I was utterly fascinated by your account of the making of the 1943 film version of GIRL CRAZY.

    I have a dear friend who loves June Allyson, and even just reading about her scene in GIRL CRAZY and seeing that delightful photo makes me understand why he adores her. I especially got a kick out of your description of Allyson's "innocent tomboy eroticism (she's like a less obnoxious Betty Hutton)"

    Having already read Part 3, Jim, I applaud your superb 3-part blog post! It's time well-spent, and has me wanting to give the 1943 GIRL CRAZY in particular my undivided attention!