Tragedy in Nevada, January 1942 — 6 Comments

  1. Welcome, Abby, and thanks for your kind comment (I thank you on behalf of Bob Matzen as well). As for the photo of Wayne Williams and Alice Getz: If you mean where did Bob unearth it, it was lent to him by Doris Brieser, the niece of Alice Getz. I, of course, scanned it from my copy of Fireball.

  2. Excellent book and an excellent review. Just curiousity, but where did you unearth the picture of Wayne Williams and Alice Getz?

  3. I have the two Errol Flynn books and they're beyond great. I'll definitely pick up his new one. Glad I'll be going three for three with him.

  4. Silver, Eve: By all means, check Fireball out, you won't regret it. I hope it'll also lead you to Bob's two Errol Flynn books, lavishly illustrated tomes that really bring those days to life.