A Weekend With David O. Selznick — 8 Comments

  1. Thanks Jim. I just participated in an Intro for a fun screening of " Adventures of Tom Sawyer" in Southern Calif. Presented by the National Park Servcies Paramount Ranch, the original location for the town sets and more. Years later a newer Western Town built and still filmed at today, per Mike Malone retired NPS ranger and volunteer film historian, it's now small part of what was 2700 acre ranch used by the Golden Age studios for filming.
    Near Malibu Creek State Park, what was the 20Th Century Fox location ranch. Great places to visit.

  2. Welcome, Brooke, and thanks for sharing your insights. I'm sure my readers will recognize your father as one of Golden Age Hollywood's greats — five Oscars, 24 nominations (including for The Adventures of Tom Sawyer), hundreds of movies from The Prisoner of Zenda and GWTW to The King and I and The Diary of Anne Frank…well, I could go on and on but as I said, one of the greats. Thanks again for stopping by!