Silent Weekends — 8 Comments

  1. Kevin, "serviceable enough" may sound like damning with faint praise, but I think you've hit it regarding Carmine Coppola's score — though of course I take my hat off to anyone who can compose a wall-to-wall four-hour score (to say nothing of conducting it). Carl Davis's score, on the other hand, is masterful.

  2. Jim: I'm very envious that you got to experience the recent "Napoleon" showing in Oakland. I saw it in Chicago in its first incarnation with Carmine Coppolla conducting his score. The score was serviceable enough, but the experience remains one of the great movie-going experiences of my life. Really quite overwhelming in so many ways.

    Kevin Brownlow's recent Oscar win may be the most deserving Oscar of all time.

    The "Wings" section on your post was great. I have a friend who has a home theater and his brother has the new "Wings" BluRay. We'll do some arm twisting to see if we can see "Wings" in the best possible way. I do have the VHS copy of "Wings" and even then it's still a remarkable film.