A Mystery Photo — 5 Comments

  1. Becky, I think your comment was posted before I added the update from my friend Richard M. Roberts. Anyhow, Richard pretty convincingly torpedoed my belief that the picture is of John Barrymore or anybody else famous. He thinks the couple are probably vaudevillians; I suspect they're a couple of anonymous socialites at a costume party. Guess we'll never know…

  2. When I first gave a glance at the picture, I could have sworn the man was Fred Astaire. I have no idea if he and Barrymore were friends, or anything. Maybe the woman is his dancing partner sister? Anyway, that first glance said Astaire to me.

  3. My Facebook friend Norma Jean Torrence offers an interesting comment:

    "You've got me on a hunt now. His brother, Lionel, was in the movie Sadie Thompson with Gloria Swanson. Possible connection? Perhaps the Yacht Club has events records and/or guest lists? I would assume that people would have had to sign in to the club."

    Good catch about brother Lionel, Norma Jean! I suppose it's too much to ask that some member of the LYC is reading this now and has the time to look into the club's records…?

  4. Wow – that is fascinating and you are quite a Sherlock Holmes! Perhaps this woman is dressed as Sadie Thompson for the costume party? At any rate, please find ou t who she is because now I can't stop thinking about it!