Rex the First — 6 Comments

  1. Welcome, R.J., and thanks! The Haskin quote is from the Kevin Brownlow/David Gill Hollywood documentary for Thames TV; Haskin was a wealth of anecdotes and insight on that (how I'd love to see all the unedited interviews from that great series).

    As for Mare Nostrum, that's one of Ingram's extant films I haven't seen; I look forward to catching up with it one of these days.

  2. Jim,
    This is so nice. Congratulations on a masterly job. Ingram's career (even after he stopped making movies, and devoted himself I gather to sculpture) has always fascinated me. "Scaramouche" and "Mare Nostrum" are just incredible to me. I think that Byron Haskin said it all!

    Best always, R.J.

  3. I read that too, Jim; in an interview once, Lean called Ingram "the man who really got me going." It's easy to see the influence by comparing their movies.

  4. I have read that David Lean always cited Rex Ingram as a major influence on his work.

  5. Right you are Jean; that tinted photo (from the Four Horsemen program) shows Valentino in his tango togs in a Buenos Aires dive, before the family is transplanted to Paris.

    As for Powell, he's a worthy subject, and I may well write about him someday. But it's a daunting prospect; I doubt if I could say anything about his life and work half as insightful and entertaining as he does himself in A Life in Movies and Million Dollar Movie.

  6. Isn't FOUR HORSEMEN the one where Valentino does the tango?

    Fascinating stuff, Jim. Now, write about Michael Powell!