The 11-Oscar Mistake — 16 Comments

  1. Welcome, James, and thanks for leaving your comment. It was wholly a pleasure to read that you "totally disagree with [my] opinion of the film in every way"; needless to say, I return the compliment. Thanks again for stopping by!

  2. Thanks for dropping by, Bernie, and for commenting. However, you're mistaken: scroll back up to the top of these comments and you'll see my friend Kevin Deany is with you on Ben-Hur. (Likewise, in his quirky way, Vinnie Bartilucci.) Kevin and I have agreed to disagree, and I guess you and I will have to as well. As for those millions of others, they're more than welcome to come by and comment too — provided they can be as cheerful and friendly about it as you. Thanks again!

  3. Oh come on Jim, there are millions of people like myself, who consider Ben Hur a work of pure genius.
    I have seen this film many many times and still rate it amongst the greatest achievements in movie making ever, so its a great pity that your blog has not one comment that agrees.