A Time-Travel Studio Tour — 11 Comments

  1. It could be that "Donald Loomis" was a fictional alias for a dressing room used by loan-out stars. The same can be said for the mysterious Suite C in the women's building. I doubt very much that Fanny Brice's name would have been added to the directory for her brief tenure at Metro, for what was just a cameo appearance in "Ziegfeld". I'm sure she had a room in the contact players' building.

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Channing. Afraid I can't help you on that missing name for Suite C of the "Womens Apts." I've stared myself cross-eyed but can't make any headway. A while back, in response to Kevin Deany's comment, I said I thought I detected a "BR" in the mystery occupant's last name, but I can't even see that now.

    Then again, the book also shows the name board for the men's dressing rooms, with somebody named Donald Loomis (who appears nowhere on the IMDb) sharing a floor with Clark Gable, Nelson Eddy and William Powell. So it's always possible that the lady in Suite C might have been nobody we've ever heard of.

    Thanks again for visiting!

  3. Bought this book as soon as it came out via Amazon & read it cover to cover indiscriminately as soon as I got it. I'm so glad this book has come out. My Mum said her favorite studio was MGM & as a young teenager in the 70's at the end of year school breakup we watched a reel to real doco called 'The Dream Factory' about the sad demise of the MGM backlot by wrecking ball. This fueled a lifelong fascination with MGM & its famous Culver City lot. I remember getting 'The MGM Story' in my early 20s & pouring over the cover pages of the fragmented arial pics of the front & backlots & maps; the rest of the book was about the movies made from '24 – '81 but my interest was always in the MGM physical plant – lot. In '87 I visited LA & took a cab to Washington Bvd only to find that the famous lot had been sold to Lorimar, was still fascinating tho. This book is amazing in its detail, thanks so much guys. The MGM Studio lot fascinates me like no other LA studio. Along with the Culver Studios I think its the most handsome lot anywhere