Crazy and Crazier, Part 4 — 8 Comments

  1. It was, in fact, June Ritchie; and she was just about the only fine thing in the piece. There was some other fun stuff, like a real train and a real carriage pulled by a real horse through an impressive burning of Atlanta. Beyond that, I can't recall a single song or performance. And you're right…Harve never had a chance.

  2. Thanks, Jean! Thanks too for the report on that benighted musical version of Gone With the Wind. That whole thing struck me as a fool's errand even at the time; now, looking back, it seems doubly so for poor Harve, trying to be a singing Clark Gable. I have no doubt he was just as you say, but really, could anybody have pulled it off? (The same goes for whoever played Scarlett — wasn't it Leslie Ann Warren?)