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9 years ago

Hi Jim…playing catch up on your excellent blog posts. Here's how I remember it…Sean and Janet are riding on the back of a cart having a spirited and flirty conversation. As she jumps down – or maybe he lifts her down?? – SHE plants a kiss on HIM and then runs away as the camera lingers on his reaction, an appreciative little smile that sent my 13 old libido into overdrive! It's interesting to think that if this movie had been a bigger hit, Sean might have done more high profile work over the next three years and somehow missed out on being "discovered" as James Bond. But seeing that photo of him in your post explains one of the reasons why it took me a while back thento connect the dots and recognize him…he's just a different person! Bond is many things, but boyish and sweet are not among them.

9 years ago

Jim, I'm constantly astounded by your lovingly detailed installments of DARBY O'GILL AND THE LITTLE PEOPLE. The special effects never create "spoilers" for me, because I always enjoy hearing about how they came to be (on a somewhat related note, I also like to read the end of a story first and THEN read the whole book from start to finish. Granted, I'm eccentric. :-)) I got a kick out of the "Going To the Matte" gag, too! 🙂 I can hardly wait to read your next installment!

9 years ago

These filmmakers were brilliant! And knowing how they did these things doesn't take away from the magic. At all.

9 years ago

Learning some of the tricks sure doesn't diminish the effects on film. I was certainly impressed with that first scene with all the leprechauns dancing around.