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8 years ago

Hey, Jim…catching up with your Shirley posts. So much fun! However, are you sure that Joan and Shirley were actually out of step? I rewatched several times and am of the opinion that their going opposite ways after that turn around was intentional – in keeping with the supposed spontaneous spirit of the number. Note Shirley's amused reaction as Joan blithely goes the "wrong" way.

8 years ago

Ironically, Little Miss Broadway and Just Around the Corner were among my favorites when I was little. Now that you mention it, they are a lot more set-bound than the earlier pictures, but things like production values didn't mean anything to me at that age (although I did notice that in the colorized version, that ritzy apartment building seemed to be made entirely of mint-green glass and plastic). I loved the things like Donald Meek and the off-key barbershop quartet in Little Miss Broadway and the ever-hilarious Franklin Pangborn going down the laundry chute in Just Around the Corner.

Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm failed to impress, however. I'd read the book.

8 years ago

Shirley Temple has always been one of my favorite and this was some interesting history. My father used to listen to old radio shows and enjoyed curating history about radio and the early days of Hollywood.