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9 years ago

Jim, being partly of Irish descent myself, DARBY O'GILL AND THE LITTLE PEOPLE was one of our favorites when I was a youngster (though I admit THE QUIET MAN is still my #1 favorite :-)), so I'm delighted to see you launching one of your wonderful multi-part blog posts about it! Sad to hear that Janet Munro died young, though. While Barry Fitzgerald is always fun to watch, I think Albert Sharpe's performance is quite endearing. Looking forward to Part 2!

9 years ago

CW: that' a sweet story; I hope your daughter (your first born is a daughter, right?) is acquainted with her charming namesake.

Yep. She's a girl (still laughing). Both kids are "Disney" kids. "Darby O'Gill" and "Swiss Family Robinson" came into their lives early.

9 years ago

I'm going to enjoy this series, even though (sadly) I've never seen this film. Lots of great info here, as always! 🙂

9 years ago

As a young girl I was so taken with Janet Munroe as Katie that I renamed all of my dolls Janet. Eventually, it would be the name of my first born.

9 years ago

We grew up watching this movie, so I've always felt it was underrated. Loved reading your post and look forward to reading the next one!