Cinerama-Rama! — 3 Comments

  1. Tom, traditionally the "sweet seats" at a Cinerama screening are the center section, rows 5 through 10. I'm familiar with the Hollywood Dome, having seen a number of Cinerama screenings there. My advice is to get seats somewhere in rows AA to JJ if you can. Even as far back as Row D, any seat should still be excellent. After that, stay as close to the center as possible. As a general rule, move to the sides before moving back.

    Yes, I would recommend those front-row seats, even the end one. At the Dome, even front row seats are still a comfortable distance from the screen — and that close, I guarantee a boffo effect.

  2. Jim, I am a part of that generation who has never seen experienced Cinerama. I've been to the Arclight Dome in Hollywood for a show before, but never for a Cinerama film. I'm looking forward to the festival later this month.

    Do you have any advice on seating? Based on the seating charts shown, for most shows, most of the front-middle seats are taken (sounds like they're the best!)

    For the This is Cinerama screening, there is actually one seat in the very front row (AA) available – one is sort-of in the middle and one is at the end. Do you recommend those seats in the very front?

    What about the seats in the back (XX, YY, and ZZ)? There are a number still available.

    Thanks for your advice.