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8 years ago

I love the scenes of Temple and Robinson in all their movies. Their dance sequences are a little bit magical.

As for Temple and Barrymore, they are superb on screen like the two veteran actors they were.

I haven't commented on every post, but I've sure enjoyed this series.

8 years ago

Only 90 seconds? It probably just slipped my memory, then. The last thing I remember is the grandfather's reunion with his daughter, but then I haven't seen the movie in many years.

8 years ago

I had no idea about the Technicolor ending, either! I saw it in a colorized VHS. Oddly enough I don't remember a final party scene at all—did I possibly see an edited version?

8 years ago

I didn't know for years there was any color to this film at the end – I first saw it on bad stock at the kids Sat. movies in the late 40s and those early color reals were not the copy that went out in rentals then. Ditto when my school showed it – then there were the many times on TV long before there was much of any broadcasting in color – I only saw it in color in the 80s finally as it was originally intended to be seen.