Ups and Downs of the Rollercoaster, Part 3 — 7 Comments

  1. Great site, Jim. For the 60th anni, I've opened mine as well: I came into possession of most of Hazard Reeves' Cinerama and your comments about the lack of foresight conerning Fox' CinemaScope is right on. Of the 2000+ articles in his memorabilia from 1952 through 1959, there was only once single mention of something upcoming called "cinemascope." They simply weren't worried. A copy of the Reeves collection is in the Performing Arts Library at Lincoln Center, and it (long story) includes a few items not in mine. Relevant to this post…there's a ticket to the world premiere of "The Robe" personally signed by Skouras and addressed to Mr. and Mrs. Hazard Reeves.
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