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Tom Hartman
6 years ago

I used to see this as a kid on Tv so I wonder what happened to all the copies of it ?

I think it would have made a great film for Jim Carry!

Nice to see others remember it fondly!


7 years ago

I saw Miss Tatlock's Millions when I was 18 years
old. I never forgot it!!!! It was so clever………..so
funny! John Lund was wonderful in it, as was adorable Wanda Hendrix. It was such a fun
entertaining film. An absolute RIOT!!!! Have been trying to locate it for years….Maybe TCM will locate a good copy!!! I hope so!

7 years ago

I would urge anyone wanting to view this film to read Bosley Crowther's review in the New York Times (it is easily found by any search engine and is also linked on imdb under critic reviews). It is the most sober review of this film I have seen.
One look at the original movie poster should give one pause: Schuyler is an arsonist. He should have been put in prison or a mental institution. Arson is not in the least bit funny, and that is why this film has been withdrawn from circulation.

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