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10 years ago

Simply put, one of the greatest moviegoing experiences of my life. Just stupendous on every level.

Unfortunately, there were only about 10 people for the 7:00 show, all men (including one grade school boy there with his dad). But it was a great evening, with a flawless presentation

I knew I was in for a treat when I started geeking out over all those Paramount logos over the last 100 years. It was all uphill from there.

The 2.5-hour running time flies by. The air combat sequences (and there are a lot of them) are amazing. Less than 10 years after the war was over so all the equipment is contemporary. No miniatures of special effects, director William Wellman (who flew in WWI) and other former WWI pilots hoisted the cameras in the planes with them to capture all the dog fight sequences and the swooping, swirling, etc. On the big screen it was amazing. Just an incredibly awesome movie, and a high I am still on. There’s a reason why it won the first Oscar for Best Picture.

Boy, Clara Bow was absolutely adorable.

When I buy a Blu Ray player, "Wings" is the first Blu Ray I'm going to pick up.

I wish Cinemark had done a better job of promoting the screening, but a million thanks Jim for alerting us to it.

10 years ago

Jim, a million thanks for this. It's playing by me at the Seven Bridges in Woodridge. I'll be there for sure. Thanks so much for the heads up. Around Easter Cinemark showed "Ben-Hur" with hardly any advertising. I hadn't heard about "Wings" either until I read your post. I will also drop back and let you know how it went. Very excited about this.

10 years ago

OMG Jim!
Thanks so much for providing that link and info on Wings.
I had no idea that our favorite theater (Tinseltown) is a Cinemark theater!!! And I checked and Wings will be airing there twice on the 16th.

Going to work on getting a few friends to go see it with me. So excited!
Thanks a million.