Auditioning for Immortality — 2 Comments

  1. Kevin, I also think Shaw & Lee ("The Beau Brummels") are pretty funny. According to Joe Laurie Jr.'s Vaudeville, they had a good long run as a team, their career outlasting vaudeville by nearly 30 years. They made one other short, Going Places in 1930, and played bits and walk-ons in a number of features, some of which are available on video today: Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch; Ready, Willing and Able; The Gracie Allen Murder Case; King of Burlesque. Their last appearance was in I Married a Woman in 1958. Sam Lee died in 1980, age 88, and Al Shaw in '85 at 82.

  2. Very interesting post, Jim. I don't know alot about these vaudeville acts, but I remember getting a big kick out of the short featuring The Beau Brummels, that can be found on the massive The Jazz Singer DVD set. I wondered if they appeared in any other shorts? I found their deadpan humor very funny.