Ups and Downs of the Rollercoaster, Part 5 — 2 Comments

  1. Thanks, Dorian! I agree, it's a shame that that Lewis and Clark picture never happened; sounds to me like the perfect blend of Cinerama-genic travelogue and drama, and the spot-on casting of Peck and Gable is enough to make you wish for a portal into that alternate universe. (A pity Peck and Gable never worked together.) BTW, When Lewis and Clark did come to the screen (The Far Horizons, '55) it was as Fred MacMurray and Charlton Heston — decent enough casting, though much less stellar. (The movie itself, alas, pretty much stinks.)

    I too hope you get to see Cinerama one day, though your location puts you an almost-exactly-equally-inconvenient distance from the only theaters in the world that can show it (Seattle, WA; Hollywood, CA; and Bradford, UK). Still, not entirely hopeless, and worth planning a vacation around, time and resources permitting. I encourage you to consider it.

  2. Jim, it's a case of strange bedfellows indeed when Cinerama must join forces with the folks responsible for the Playtex Living Bra! (That said, I'm in no position to poke fun at bra manufacturers; I can say no more! :-)) Too bad the Lewis & Clark biopic with Gregory Peck and Clark Gable didn't get off the ground. Your discussion of Cinerama at its best makes me wish I could see it for myself. Great post, as always — and again, congratulations on your MAGNIFICENT AMBERSONS series; you really deserve it, my friend!