Liebster Blog Award — 3 Comments

  1. Jim, I just happened across your post as I was spending my lunch break surfing my favorite movie blogs — coming across your kind words was a very nice way to start the week!

    I have visited the STORY OF ROBIN HOOD blog in the past and thoroughly enjoyed it — I encourage your readers to check it out. Needless to say, Greenbriar Picture Shows is a terrific blog.

    And a big thanks to Dorian for the nice words in the comment above. Readers like the two of you are a tremendous encouragement to me and my blogging efforts.

    Thanks and best wishes,

  2. Jim, it was an honor and a pleasure for me to bestow the Liebster Blog Award upon you, because you're not only a talented and enjoyable writer, you're a great guy! And I'm honored and flattered that you'd have happily given me the award, too; thanks a million! Thanks, also, for using your Liebster Award to steering me and our fellow bloggers and readers to GREENBRIAR PICTURE SHOWS and WALT DISNEY'S STORY OF ROBIN HOOD (I already know and love LAURA'S MISCELLANEOUS MUSINGS :-)), so they'll get more of the attention they deserve.