The Fog of Lost London, Part 2 — 3 Comments

  1. Jim, your second installment of "The Fog of Lost London, Part 2" is quite a gripping yarn indeed; excellent summary and photos from LONDON AFTER MIDNIGHT. Like The Lady Eve, I too was intrigued and disturbed by LONDON AFTER MIDNIGHT's conceit that victims of murder and suicide may become vampires; talk about the undead! Looking forward to reading your next installment tomorrow!

  2. That was a new one on me, too, Eve. You know, it puts me in mind of something a mystery-writer friend of mine said once at a convention. He was on a panel with other writers when someone in the audience raised her hand and mentioned an innacuracy in one of the authors' treatment of a certain poison. "Madam," my friend said, "We're all frauds. We make this stuff up." I suspect Mr. Browning or Ms. Coolidge-Rask might have said much the same thing about this little plot wrinkle.