Just for the fun of it, I think I’ll make this an annual Halloween
event here at Cinedrome: reposting
my series on the lost Lon Chaney picture London After Midnight
(1927), and on Marie Coolidge-Rask’s novelization of Tod Browning and
Waldemar Young’s scenario. I first posted these four parts in October 2010, then again last year. London After Midnight wasn’t really a Halloween movie — it actually opened closer to Christmas, on December 17, 1927 — but it’s ghostly and creepy enough (most of the way, anyhow) to qualify for the season. So, whether you read it last year or the year before and were thinking of looking it up again for a good chill, or are coming to it now for the first time, here is my series The Fog of Lost London. Be sure to read the
posts in order so you don’t get ahead of the plot.

Have a fun and safely spooky Halloween, everybody!

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