A Hitch in the Get-Along: State Secret — 7 Comments

  1. Thank you Jim and apologies for the delay in getting back to you. Your generous comments much appreciated. FYI – the National Portrait Gallery London have a portrait of CHJ online with a short biog:

    and my friends in the USA have done a most generous summary in 3 parts from material I was happy to let them have:

    Do let me know if you wish me to send any pix etc for your own edit/posting
    – other gems continue to emerge from the shadows e.g. rare editions of Spotlight casting directories shown to me my neighbour actor Frank Williams (Dad's Army vicar)… rare Spanish release film poster ("Scotland Yard Vuelve" = Scotland Yard returns) designed by the famous poster artiste "Mac" (Macario Gómez Quibus)…:
    (scroll down to about no.130…!)

    … and still meeting people who knew him and even rarer worked with him (or even spookier: grandchildren of his ex colleagues in touch with me etc) I am so very fortunate to be allowed into this world…

    Happy to answer (or try to) queries any of your viewers/followers may ask… meantime
    Best wishes from London
    Michael Jaffé