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8 years ago

Thank you for posting the SAG clip. It was a perfect conclusion to your wonderful series.

You've given me lots to think about, and to re-visit, when it comes to Shirley Temple. I'm particularly interested in Louis Menand's theory about stardom lasting 3 years. I think that's true.

8 years ago

Wouldn't read again if a gun were put to your brother's head? Ha. You crack me up.

I only saw "The Bluebird" once, as a child, and the only thing that stayed with me was the land of the future, and those separated lovers. Haunting stuff.

I purchased the TV series on DVD a while back because I hadn't seen it in years, but had fond memories. Shirley really looked like she was enjoying herself, and that makes all the difference in the productions.

I really enjoyed reading your extensive series on Shirley. I learned so much.