Wyler Catches Fire: Hell’s Heroes — 20 Comments

  1. Thanks again, everyone; your response to this reprint has been most gratifying!

    R.D.: Thanks for the tip re ClassicFlix. I checked it out, and others should too; looks like a nifty resource — can't wait to have time to go exploring in detail. (BTW, I just watched Hell's Heroes again, and I still say you well might end up wanting to own it.)

  2. A great piece, Jim, and looking forward to reading your others in the blogathon. I'm another of those who haven't seen this one – Warner Archive titles are not available in the UK, except to buy on import – but I will hope to do so in the future!

  3. I love Ford's "Three Godfathers" but this one sounds like a dandy. Warner Archive, here I come. I was greatly amused by reading the dust-ups between Bickford and Wyler while shooting "The Big Country." I did not include them in my piece on that film, but you're right, it's like the squabling that occurred on the 1930 film started right up again 28 years later. Another great post, Jim.

  4. Jim, I've never see Hell's Heroes. I found Peter B. Kyne's response to the film as idiotic as you, though. Writers are known to be temperamental, but he takes the cake. Lots of great info in here!

  5. Really great post on what I think is one of Wyler's most underappreciated films. I really like how hard and gritty Wyler made this film – and in spite of their difficult relationship, Wyler drew a wonderful performance out of Bickford (and came up with a great solution to Bickford's stubborness!) -thanks so much.

  6. Great to hear from you, GOM! I don't think Hell's Heroes is so much "underappreciated" as underseen, as many of the comments here, from veteran Wyler admirers, attest. I think if TCM decided to run the picture once or twice a month for a while, it would soon have the reputation it had (however briefly) in 1930, and which you and I agree it deserves today.