Lost & Found: Night Has a Thousand Eyes — 9 Comments

  1. Just found this, thanks to Mr. Lizzio, and will now be reading you often, Jim. Almost as entertaining as a game of Scrabble was back in the day.
    Hope life has been, and continues to be, good to you.

    From a long way back,

  2. This is one of those elusive titles I've always wanted to see, but never have. I've read the book and always wanted to see the movie, so I was very interested to read what you had to say about the differences between the two.

    The movie does sound like an improvement over the book and your write-up made this title even more mouth watering for me. I do hope I get the chance to see it someday.

    That poster art is stunning and isn't movie poster art a lost art form now? If I saw those posters at my local theater, I would be there opening night! Great illustrations.

  3. Kevin, Night Has a Thousand Eyes is available here from Loving the Classics. It's a video copied from a TV broadcast God knows when, not the best quality but watchable enough. The second-to-last picture of Robinson in my post — the one where he's seated in coat and tie, looking off-camera to your left — is a frame-cap from that video, so it'll give you an idea what to expect.

    On behalf of the anonymous poster artists of Paramount, I thank you for your compliments on the illustrations; you're right, you just don't see poster art like that anymore, and I miss it too.

  4. Jim: Thanks for the link to the Loving the Classics site. Some real gems there. When I get some extra money I will be ordering from there.