Films of Henry Hathaway: Brigham Young (1940) — 14 Comments

  1. Jim,
    Such an interesting look at Brigham Young. You've given us so much info on how the film came to be and Zanuck's decisions to cast Price and Jagger, a bold choice with lesser known stars at that time. (The side by side was great!) Another example of Zanuck's brilliance in casting and insuring that this film got made.

    I really am surprised when so many admit that they've never seen BY. I know there are many Darnell, Power and Price fans out there. And this film, while some would argue that the subject matter, characters weren't worth making a movie, I disagree. It was so well done and interesting. Of course, you've mentioned all of the reasons it should be seen by classic film buffs.

    Your well researched reviews are always a great read.

    Have a great weekend, Jim!

  2. Thank you for an excellent article. I was fascinated by the background of this movie and can't help but wonder how filmmakers of today would approach the story of Brigham Young.

  3. Thanks, all, for the kind words, and Silver, thank you for inviting me into your "Astorthon".

    Also, Silver: Louis Bromfield is forgotten in the sense that high school kids aren't assigned Early Autumn or Mrs. Parkington to read, but at least he's not entirely out of print — a name search on Amazon will stir up a number of his titles. A good place to start (or to end up, depending on your viewpoint) is with what is probably his best novel, The Rains Came (1937), a terrific novel about colonial India that was made into an (almost) equally terrific movie by 20th Century Fox in 1939.

  4. Okay – this is one of those films that always evoked a yawn and I just passed over, but after reading this I think I need to see it! I'm intrigued!

  5. When I saw that you were talking about "Brigham Young", I have to admit that I wasn't too excited, but as I continued to read, I became enthralled by a film that apparently I just don't remember very well. This seems fantastic, and I hope to watch it again sometime soon. Thanks for such a great post on a film that has been, (at least by me) forgotten.

  6. Your review has me wanting to see this, Jim. I'm interested in your comments about Hathaway being a neglected director – I haven't seen many of his films as yet but was very impressed by 'Shepherd of the Hills' and will go on to read your review of it.