Cinevent 45 — 10 Comments

  1. What an event, Jim! Thanks so much for sharing a bit of it with us.

    I'm jealous but mostly at the fact that you got to see Sea Beast on the big screen and in such a fun setting. Lot's of Barrymore at this event which is a good thing. : )

    I've never heard of The Canadian but it looks like a great get.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. "The Canadian" sounds amazing. Thanks for letting us know about it.

    Very interested to hear what you have to say about John McElwee's book ""Showmen, Sell It Hot!", My copy arrived last week and I've just been awestruck by its contents. I'm savoring slowly, reading a chapter an evening, but I admit to jumping ahead to revel in all those amazing photos throughout the book.

    The picture of the theater showing the double feature of "Isle of the Dead" and "House of Dracula", where the front of the theater is covered with posters and lobby cards from the two movies, is just amazing. For me it would have been like seeing a triple feature back then – watch the two movies and then go outside and take in all those stills and lobby cards for another hour.

  3. John: Rest assured, the mention in this post is just a teaser. I'm still enjoying your terrific book (and Richard's,too) preparatory to doing them full justice in my next post.

    BTW, I meant to tell you before the party broke up in Columbus. Right there on page 2 of your gloriously illustrated tome, there's a picture that put me in mind of my inspiration for the name of this blog. I had originally toyed with calling it "I Wake Up Screening", only to find the name was taken (not by a blog, but a book). Then some friends showed me pictures of their vacation in Cornwall. In the town of Penzance (if memory serves) there was a little storefront cinema not unlike the "Dream" in that 1914 snapshot in your book. This quaint little establishment, however, bore the lofty name "Cinedrome". Eureka!

    Karen: Welcome, my CMBA colleague! I'm sure you'd have a great time at Cinevent; if you do attend next year, be sure to look me up and say hi. Meanwhile, I encourage my readers to check out your excellent Shadows and Satin blog.

  4. Hi Jim — Great seeing you at the show, as always, and appreciate the pic and your mention of "Showmen, Sell It Hot!" at Cinedrome.

  5. Just so people don't think I'm a two-fisted soda drinker, the other soda in front of me belongs to my just off-camera better half, Linda Shah.

    Nice words on Cinevent Jim, it was a pleasure to see you and all who attended for what is indeed one of the most pleasant of the Cinephile Conventions.