Browsing the Cinevent Library, Part 1 — 7 Comments

  1. Thanks Jim for this excellent news. I've ordered Richard Roberts' Hal Roach book and will be getting John McElwee's book most likely next month. It is indeed a great year for film buffs!

  2. I second Jim's recommendation of SHOWMEN, SELL IT HOT! It's an amazing book, as much fun to read as it is drool over all those images.

    The Hal Roach book sounds equally tantalizing. Thanks for heads up on it.

  3. Just read Steve Massa's new book on silent comedy and am much looking forward to this one. I particularly will be interested in Richard's insights on Charley Chase, one of my all-time favorite comedians.

  4. CF&TVC: Good point. Even so, as John's book amply demonstrates, William Castle was a shrinking violet compared to some of these guys.

    Silver: I last posted on Cinevent in 2010, two years before you joined us in CMBA; that's at least part of why you didn't know about this great movie weekend. I don't live that close to Columbus myself (Sacramento, CA), but I find it worth the trip every year. I'm guessing you would too.

  5. Hold it right there.

    You mean to say there is an annual cinema event where you can find great movie-related things, EVERY YEAR?!

    I haven't heard of Cinevent before, but you can believe I'm investigating it right now, even though I don't live anywhere near Columbus.

    Thanks for sharing some of your fab finds, even if they are making us a little jealous…! 🙂

  6. SHOWMEN, SELL IT HOT! sounds like a great read. Love the title, too! Today's promotional campaigns seems to lack the inspiration of those from the classic era. Imagine what guys like William Castle could have done with social media at their disposal?